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Click below to see the results. You will not need to log in. You will need only the candidate’s ID number you have been previously assigned in the registration system.

see the results

Once you are on the results website click the "Przebieg postępowania rekrutacyjnego" button.


The required documents must be sent by 15 September 2020. The postmark date is not decisive! Do not be late!
Follow the steps in the sequence described below.

Step 1

Prepare an A4 envelope and address it as per sample:

Name and surname of the candidate
Faculty (number I-IV is sufficient), field of study
Akademia Muzyczna im. Stanisława Moniuszki w Gdańsku
ul. Łąkowa 1-2
80-743 Gdańsk

See the example.

Step 2

Put the following documents in the envelope:

  1. Printed out from the system and hand-signed recruitment form ("formularz rekrutacyjny")
  2. Printed out from the system and hand-signed resume ("życiorys")
  3. Printed out from the system, filled in and hand-signed 3 GPRD consent forms ("RODO")
  4. Two photos in 35x45 mm format signed on the back with your name and surname
  5. If you are a candidate for the specialization: solo singing, musical, eurhythmics, jazz vocalism and you have not submitted the relevant medical certificates on time, it is now the last time to enclose them. See here (click) what certificates are required.
  6. A copy of the certificate entitling to study and the original of its translation by a sworn translator. If you come from a country with which Poland does not have a signed agreement on the recognition of educational documents, you must have your certificate certified before sending it by 15 September 2020.
  7. A copy of the document proving that you can study free of charge, if you have one – FOR CANDIDATES FROM OUTSIDE THE EU AND EFTA (pp. 44-45 in PROSPECTUS)
  8. A copy of the identity document
  9. Filled in, printed out and hand-signed declaration of choice of language – applies ONLY to candidates for the 2nd cycle studies at the Faculties I, II and IV. Download here (click).
  10. *Interested persons may also attach an application written by themselves to the selected pedagogue. The application must be addressed to the Dean of the faculty concerned. Click here to select the faculty and see who is the Dean.

Step 3

You send by mail everything so that it reaches the Academy by September 15, 2020, preferably with acknowledgement of receipt.

Step 4

You check the results of the admissions on 16 September 2020.

Step 5

Welcome to the aMuz community! 

Let's meet on October 1st! 
It is essential to take part in mandatory training courses on health and safety and fire safety. 
From October 1st you can also pick up your card, ToR book and sign the oath.

Study, take part in master-classes and various projects, become a member of the Student Government and Scientific Club and spread your wings. We'll help you with that!

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